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Tech Spec Implementation (including AS-11)

Sample Files & PlugFests

Following the publication of the DPP’s UHD Specification and the NABA / DPP Specification, the DPP aims to support the industry’s implementation of these through a process of creating test files, feedback and discussion loops and PlugFests.

To date planning has centred around the published AS-11 X1 DPP UHD Specification, however now the NABA/DPP Specification for North America has been published this specification will also be included.

Sample Files
UHD sample files are now available to download. These sample files are indicative examples of two of the most likely formats that we expect from the available option combinations. Both files have Wide Colour Gamut and High Dynamic Range (Hybrid Log Gamma), and they both use Multi Channel Audio Labelling.

· 2160p50 – 10 bit – 4:2:0 – Variable length GOP – 250Mb/s
· 2160p50 – 10 bit – 4:2:2 – I frame – 500Mb/s

These test files represent high quality at a (relatively) low data rate files and are produced in order to test the de-coding capability of devices.

PLEASE NOTE: These sample files should not be perceived as Golden or Reference files. There are many combinations of settings that will generate valid AS-11 X1 files, and these are just two of the many permutations.

Feedback and discussion
The DPP is keen to hear what manufacturers think works, and what really doesn’t work. Please get in touch, with any feedback, questions or discussion points for upcoming PlugFests.

And if you can create files that you think meet the DPP UHD specification, then please let us know, we’d love to have a look!

To help share learnings and test files across multiple implementations, we hosted the first DPP PlugFest on 12th July 2016. It was a well-attended event, and you can read about the results here.


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