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Tech Spec Implementation (including AS-11)

The DPP will continue to drive adoption and implementation of UHD programme delivery specification (inc. AS-11 X1) as well as the HD Commercials & Sponsorship and Promotions & Presentation Events delivery specifications in the UK.

We will also be assisting the UK broadcast industry to remove all video tape for the delivery of new programmes by 1 October 2017. This will include an update to A Producer’s Guide to File Delivery to include workflows for close to transmission deliveries and lines recording.

90min working group meetings are held monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month.

Please contact Caroline Ewerton if you have any questions about this work stream.

Please Note: We will continue to develop and drive adoption of the AS-11 NABA/DPP X8 and X9 specifications in collaboration with NABA in North America. Updates on this adoption will be given at DPP International Webinars and Supplier Forums.

Digital Production Partnership

Digital Production Partnership