The DPP is the media industry's international business change network.


The DPP has taken a lead role in enabling all parts of the media supply chain to work together to create and maintain more secure operations and services. Published work includes:

NABA DPP Broadcaster Cybersecurity Requirements

The NABA DPP Broadcaster Cybersecurity Requirements for Suppliers, published in 2016, are a set of minimum guidelines for managing cybersecurity risks, developed in partnership with the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) and aimed at broadcast suppliers.

DPP Supplier Security Checklist

The DPP Supplier Security Checklist, published in 2016, is aimed at suppliers who store or process audio or visual content for productions.

The publication of these two documents has since led to the creation of:

The DPP Committed to Security Programme


The DPP is also working with the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) to promote collaboration around threat identification and remediation in the media industry.

Please contact Abdul Hakim if you have any questions about this work stream.

Digital Production Partnership

Digital Production Partnership