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News Exchange

In a world of fast paced, breaking news, efficient use of metadata is becoming critical for news organisations. There is also an increasing number of diverse global news outlets, from traditional TV channels, through to online content providers. Having the right metadata from the outset can help these organisations more effectively manage their news production processes and get breaking news stories on air as quickly as possible.

The urgency of getting rushes back from the field to the newsroom means that, currently, only basic metadata such as a date or a location is captured. This causes issues during the production process as newsroom staff need to retrospectively add additional metadata.

The DPP is working with news organisations and suppliers to develop a new common metadata set for news assets. This will ease the process of international exchange and the movement of those assets through the news gathering process all the way from production to broadcast and archive.

At IBC 2017 the DPP worked with its Members to successfully demonstrate a proof of concept and is now working with its members to develop and implement that workflow.

The News Exchange working group consists of representatives from global news organisations and leading manufacturers and suppliers of newsroom systems and acquisition equipment.  

Meetings take place every 2-3 weeks throughout 2018.

Please contact Abdul Hakim if you have any questions about this work stream or for access to working group materials including sample files and schema definitions.

Non-Members can access the News Exchange Benefits Overview documents.

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