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IMF for Broadcast & Online

Following on from the July 2017 announcement about the SMPTE and DPP partnership to develop a new SMPTE Specifications process and deliver a constrained version of IMF for Broadcast and Online, the DPP Mastering Format working group, in collaboration with partners NABA and EBU, has developed and delivered the following draft documents:

Specification for IMF Broadcast & Online Application Constraints  

Draft IMF DPP Operational Guidelines 

These documents have been developed, reviewed and iterated in collaboration with broadcasters, manufacturers, suppliers and industry bodies.

The review and iteration process will include Plugfests, webinars and presentations, both locally and internationally, and feedback via email.

Developments to the specification will be published here on a monthly basis.

Feedback can be submitted via:

90min working group meetings are held weekly on Monday (except every 2nd Monday of each month).

Please contact Gill Reston if you have any questions about this work stream.

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Digital Production Partnership