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The IMF Community

A new breed of specification

The DPP and SMPTE’s pioneering IMF specification for broadcast & online, TSP 2121:2018 Application DPP (ProRes) was published on 16th August 2018. You can download the specification from the SMPTE website here.

The new specification builds on the existing Interoperable Master Format (IMF) standard developed by SMPTE, which was designed to help streamline the distribution of premium feature film content.

IMF for broadcast and online brings the same approach to a wider range of content types. It makes it possible to automate the content supply chain, simplify the versioning process, enable workflow efficiencies, and reduce QC and archive storage requirements, while maintaining the quality of the original asset. The result is significant cost, storage and time savings.

Build your understanding with DPP guides and videos

The Business Benefits of IMF, released in Apr 2018 and enabled by Editshare Qscan, was developed to help influencers and decision makers from content supply companies to understand the financial and operational benefits of adopting IMF.

The Business Benefits of IMF is available as a PDF booklet, and also as a presentation deck with handout notes to support the DPP’s broadcaster, supplier and distributor Members in the adoption of IMF for Broadcast & Online. It is available to DPP Members here.

To help implementers interpret and deploy the specification, the DPP’s IMF Working Group has also created some accompanying IMF Operational Guidelines. These guidelines are available for everyone to download here.

DPP Members can find out how major broadcasters are approaching implementation in Meet The IMF Pioneers, a report from our IBC IMF briefing, enabled by Deluxe, available here.

There are videos too! You can find footage from our special March 2018 workshop, which was designed to help Heads of Production and Post Production professionals understand the impact of IMF.

This event was organised by the DPP and UK Screen Alliance and supported by the High End TV Levy Fund, managed by Creative Skillset.

Watch the videos here.

What’s next – and how can you benefit?

As we move into IMF implementation, technological enhancements and additional codecs are high on the agenda.

We will continue to work with partners and the wider industry to ensure that the IMF specification is implemented globally, providing support for the production and post communities as they migrate to IMF workflows

This phase will include presentations, plugfests and supplemental documentation to encourage migration to IMF for broadcast and online.

There will also be a compliance testing programme for IMF for broadcast and online tools. This will provide buyers and sellers with the confidence that DPP tested tools and IMF packages will be interoperable and can be exchanged globally.

Join the IMF community

DPP Members can:

  • Help shape the progress of the specification by joining our IMF technical work stream
    • 90min working group meetings are held weekly on Mondays (except every 2nd Monday of each month).
  • Gain business opportunities by joining our IMF Implementation group
    • where content providers, post houses and suppliers share delivery approaches, develop IMF workflows and provide updates on tools and technologies
  • Test products through our IMF Compliance Programme
    • as much testing as you need, for free, as part of your Membership
  • Attend our IMF events & virtual plugfests

These are all free benefits for DPP Members.

If you’re a DPP Member and would like to be part of this industry change, please contact Gill Reston.

If you’re not a DPP Member please contact Rowan de Pomerai, to enquire about DPP Membership options for your organisation.

Companies involved in the IMF community to date include:

 Antoine Cozzi
BT Sport  

Fusion Media
  Group IMD  
       Mr MXF


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