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Technical Specifications

UHD, HD & SD Programmes

In January 2012 the DPP published the first joint agreement for the delivery of television programmes as AS-11 files. Later the same year the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 began to test the delivery programmes using the format. 1st October 2014 was announced as “File Delivery Day” and the AS-11 file format became the preferred delivery option for the DPP Member broadcasters.

In March 2017 the DPP published the latest version of the common Programme Delivery document – a major update including sections on Ultra High Definition (UHD), High Dynamic Range (HDR), advice on the cameras for drones and conversion between the new video formats.

There are two versions of the new Programme Delivery document, one for programmes delivered by file, and a second for live programmes. There are also a series of Supplements giving additional advice on Metadata, HDR, Surround Sound, 3D and Super16. Tape delivery is no longer supported.

The latest version of the DPP Generic Programme Delivery specification is available below. Please also use the links below to download the updated broadcaster specific versions as they become available, and the AMWA AS-11 specifications.

Productions should adhere to these specifications when programmes are commissioned by the above broadcasters.

If you have any questions regarding delivery then please contact your broadcaster.

The History of the DPP’s Programme Delivery Specifications

In 2011 the DPP’s technical working group, made up of the UK’s major broadcasters and representatives from the production and post-production communities, published the first common tape-based delivery specification.

The following year, working closely with the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), based in the US, the working group agreed the UK’s first common file format, structure and wrapper to enable TV programme delivery by file.

Key Features of the File Specification are:

  • Designed for completed programme deliveries
  • Based on the MXF OP1A format
  • AVC Intra Class 100 compression for HD
  • IMX at 50 Mb/s for SD
  • Includes a minimum set of requirements for Programme Editorial and Technical Metadata, based on European Broadcasting Union’s ‘EBU Core

In January 2016, the Technical Standards Supplement for the Delivery of Ultra High Definition (UHD) Programmes was published by the DPP. This document has now been incorporated into the latest delivery document.

The DPP will continue to support the industry’s implementation of the UHD specification through a process of creating test files, feedback and discussion loops and PlugFests.

Further information & options for the delivery of file-based TV programmes to broadcasters can be found in A Producers Guide to File Delivery (you must be a DPP Member & logged in to the website to access the full document).


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