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Technical Specifications

Subtitle Specification

The UK has always played a leading role in developing and providing Access Services to meet the needs of television audiences with impaired hearing and vision.

The DPP has contributedĀ to this work by publishing a specification for the exchange of subtitle documents and audio description scripts used by broadcasters to provide these services.

The DPP’s specification is based on the EBU’s EBU-TT Part 1 specification (EBU Tech 3350), designed to replace the aging STL format (EBU Tech 3264).

The specification supports legacy technology by incorporating an embedded STL document and enables new features and services by including richer metadata such as the names of speakers and, being itself based on the W3C’s TTML and XML standards, is extensible and will pave the way for the audience to receive subtitles of a comparable minimal standard whether watching programmes as broadcast or on demand.

Digital Production Partnership

Digital Production Partnership