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Technical Specifications

Metadata Standards

Clarity around metadata requirements was identified early on by the DPP as a key need within the industry.

The Metadata Standards group objective was to agree common metadata standards for TV programme delivery to UK broadcasters.  The overall aim being to ensure that file-based video content delivered to UK broadcasters can be efficiently distributed to the audience, archived and easily found for onward re-use or sale.

Common metadata standards are the only way for UK producers and broadcasters to easily share and move content between themselves and audiences.  Without them, supply chain inefficiencies would potentially be huge, minimising potential commercial opportunities for archive exploitation.

Accurate technical and descriptive metadata now facilitates broadcast, re-broadcast and archiving, and can eventually be used to help audiences find a programme and make choices about what to view, record or possibly purchase.

Common Metadata Standards

The DPP has published clear and simple editorial and technical metadata requirements for completed television programmes.

These common metadata standards form an important part of the DPP Technical Standards for file-based delivery.

In a bid to encourage international adoption of its metadata standards, the DPP worked closely with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), mapping the DPP minimum set of common metadata to existing ‘EBU Core’  and ‘TV Anytime’ metadata sets.

Digital Production Partnership

Digital Production Partnership