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Technical Specifications

Audio Loudness

The DPP Technical Standards give guidance for compliance to the EBU R128 Audio Loudness specification.

This involved extensive work between the all the major UK broadcasters and the TV production and post production community, resulting in standardised Audio Loudness guidance to ensure a consistency of approach to audio production and measurement.

The intention being that these Audio Loudness guidelines would be phased in for newly commissioned productions by the UK broadcasters.

For programme file deliveries adhering to EBU R128 Audio Loudness, the corresponding metadata field in the delivered file should be set to indicate compliance to this standard.

See BBC Academy’s useful introductory video on Measuring Sound for Loudness for further information, or for more in-depth practical advice try The Path to Loudness Nirvana!

Or, for or a different perspective, find out why this guidance can make a big difference to the audience:

Clip from ‘Johnnie Walker’s Sounds Of The 70s’ on BBC Radio 2 (Wise Buddah Productions).


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