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What We Do

Technical Specifications

One of the original DPP core objectives was to achieve the standardisation of technical requirements for the delivery of TV programmes to UK broadcasters and subsequently to maintain and update these standards in line with current capabilities.

The overall aim was to avoid a proliferation of different file formats and structures for video content within the UK.  Common standards maximise interoperability (sharing and moving content) and help ensure that the production and distribution of world-class content for audiences is both time-efficient and cost-effective.

Following the publication of the DPP Programme Delivery Specification and the successful implementation of file-based delivery this work has been supplemented by several other important pieces of work.  The suite of specifications now includes:

• Programme delivery – File (UHD, HD and SD)
• Programme delivery – Live (UHD, HD and SD)
• Programme delivery – North America (MPEG2)
• Programme delivery – North America (AVC)
• Commercials and Sponsorship Material delivery; and
• Promotions and Presentation Events material delivery
• Subtitles

Digital Production Partnership

Digital Production Partnership