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Compliance Programme

The DPP Compliance Programme is currently designed to help the industry identify trusted products which work with AS-11 DPP HD files and to speed the implementation of the file-based delivery process by ensuring products can correctly create, read and / or process files which meet the AS-11 DPP HD standard. Full details below.

Since the Compliance Programme was set up, DPP has worked closely with the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), who provide certification for the AS-11 DPP HD standard.

In April 2016, The DPP and the AMWA announced they would provide a comprehensive service for the testing and certification of the full range of AS-11 specifications, including the North American, Nordic and Australian and New Zealand versions.

More details will shortly be available.

 AS-11 DPP Format Conformance Testing & Product Certification

This focuses on testing product conformance to the UK DPP Shims of the AMWA AS-11 Specification (AS-11 DPP HD).

The DPP has worked closely with the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) to develop a joined-up testing and certification process drawing on the strengths of each organisation. This focuses on testing product conformance to the UK DPP Shims of the AMWA AS-11 Specification (beginning with AS-11 DPP HD).

View AS-11 DPP Certificates Issued By the AMWA Certification Authority

At the DPP’s test lab facility, the test manager compares product performance against the AS-11 DPP specification using a range of defined tests.  Once products have met the relevant criteria, they are issued with a DPP Test Report.  The manufacturer may then apply to the AMWA Certification Authority for Certification.  Once certification is granted, manufacturers may then use the joint AMWA & DPP logo on the relevant product and in associated marketing material.

For full details of the conformance testing procedures, eligible device categories and how to apply click here.

A Wider Remit

The DPP Compliance Programme has been developed as an expansion of the Interoperability Days and Technical Specifications work to meet a number of goals. In addition to product testing the Compliance Programme aims to:

  • Create governance around the definition of AS-11 DPP compliance in products.
  • Improve file-based testing knowledge and act as a focal point for testing results, for example by:
    • Enabling workflow tests between different product categories (file acquisition / creation / processing / playback / measurement and analysis).
    • Performing analysis of problematic files delivered for broadcast.
  • Provide continuity of communication on these topics between the manufacturers, broadcasters and post facilities in the industry.


For all enquiries about DPP membership in order to access the Compliance Programme please contact


For general enquiries about the Compliance Programme please contact

For further information about certification please contact the AMWA Certification Authority


Please note: Whilst the Digital Production Partnership openly acknowledges manufacturers that are part of the Compliance Programme, this does not constitute either an endorsement by the Digital Production Partnership or confirm their products and/or services deliver ‘DPP Compliance’. Manufacturers that are part of the Programme are committed to developing AS-11 DPP compliant products and workflows as an interoperable community. Please refer to the DPP Compliance Programme Terms & Conditions and clause 5.2 of the Partnership’s Terms of Use for further information about the use of the DPP brand. 





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