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Sponsorship Opportunities

We are delighted to offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to DPP Members for our events and work streams.

We tailor bespoke packages for each sponsorship opportunity to ensure that our Members get the best possible return on investment, depending on their individual needs.

We hold many different events during the year – from small and exclusive to large and open. The DPP will always maintain editorial control of our events, but we are happy to discuss subjects that may be of mutual interest.

We are also developing a number of areas of work at any one time. These work stream groups help shape and deliver our work, and are made up of interested Members and invited subject matter experts. Sponsorship of a work stream can be exclusive, or we can offer the opportunity to sponsor one element of the work stream, such as a publication.

Opportunities for event / work stream sponsors could include:

• Your branding on invitations and materials
• Your branding on any publications arising from the event / work stream
• Hosting of events / work stream meetings at your premises
• Your banners or other promotional items at events
• Access to the raw data from any surveys or research / data gathered at events
• DPP publicity about your support – on our website & social media (as well as at events)
• Your brand name built into the title of the event series / work stream, e.g. The DPP Manufacturer and Supplier Forum, enabled by [your company name]
• Written outputs from events, tailored to your needs (where appropriate)
• Providing a secondment or additional resource to accelerate or extend the work stream (where appropriate)

If you are interested in these or any other way of approaching sponsorship do talk to us.

All our sponsorship activities are also subject to our Commercial Guidelines.

Digital Production Partnership

Digital Production Partnership