The DPP is the media industry's business change network.

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Membership of the DPP gives you access to a huge, diverse and influential network that enables you to do business in the media industry more effectively.

The DPP harnesses the collective intelligence of its unique Membership network to:

  • generate exclusive insight – the DPP is the only organisation with a rich understanding of the whole media supply chain
  • enable change – we create common specifications and workflows by identifying the key business requirements for business change
  • create business opportunity – we bring together customers and providers to share needs and solutions



The DPP will bring you:

  • Exclusive, early insight into important new market developments, technology trends and innovations
  • An opportunity to influence industry specifications and shape major industry change
  • Insight to help you plan and save money
  • Practical guides to help your teams work more effectively
  • Engagement with decision makers
  • Profile that can only come from belonging to a community of experts drawn from the whole value chain

These benefits are delivered in a variety of ways:

  • Participation in the DPP’s work streams
  • Free access to all DPP publications including exclusive survey reports
  • Free attendance at DPP events, including our exclusive Meet The… events, invitation-only DPP AT HOME sessions, and tailored networking events
  • The opportunity to grow your personal business network
  • Access to subject matter experts within the DPP Membership
  • The opportunity to promote your brand on DPP Marketplace, and by sponsoring DPP events and publications
  • Access to potential customers and suppliers from the DPP Membership
  • Free use of the DPP’s Test Lab & Compliance Programme


The DPP has a number of Membership categories, tailored to suit different companies and organisations of different sizes. Below are those various Membership categories, with their associated annual fees.

Contact us and we will get you signed up for Membership.

Please note: even those in FREE categories still need to sign up for Membership. This enables us to give you access to all of those great Member-only benefits such as publications and events.

If you can’t see quite the right fit for you in the list below, or you have any questions at all about Membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always keen to hear about the specific needs of your business, and how we may help you.


Broadcaster & Distributors                  £1k – £25k†
Consultancy                  £2k – £15k†
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Service Providers with turnover <£1m pa                    £2000
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Service Providers with turnover >£1m pa and <£10m pa                    £4000
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Service Providers with turnover >£10m pa                  £10000
Post Production Facilities with turnover <£1m pa                    £1000
Post Production Facilities with turnover >£1m and <£3m pa                    £2000
Post Production Facilities with turnover >£3m pa                    £4000
Freelance Craft or Specialist Individual                      £100
Individual Consultant                      £500
Educational Body: up to three named officials                       Free
Trade Associations: up to three named officials                       Free
Not-for-Profit Organisations: up to three named officials                       Free
Production Company: all employees                       Free
Freelance Production Individual                       Free

*Plus VAT at 20%

†Variable based on scale, territories and reach

**The Craft or Specialist Individual category includes job functions such as editor, cameraman, colourist, and trainer.  Production Individuals includes producer, director, production co-ordinator, production manager etc.  All individual categories only apply to freelance individuals, not to those employed full-time by a company in another qualifying category.


Digital Production Partnership

Digital Production Partnership