Technical Standards

The Technical Standards group objective is to achieve the standardisation of technical requirements for the delivery of TV programmes to UK broadcasters and to maintain and update these standards in line with current capabilities.

The overall aim is to avoid a proliferation of different file formats and structures for video content within the UK.  Common standards maximise interoperability (sharing and moving content) and help ensure that the production and distribution of world class content for audiences is both time efficient and cost effective.

The group liaises with equipment manufacturers to encourage the development of products required by the UK TV industry to achieve these aims via the DPP’s Interoperability Days and the Compliance Programme.

The agreement of the DPP’s file-based Technical Standards (released Jan 2012) was not intended to signal an immediate move to file-based delivery.  Instead, the DPP has provided clarity around which file format, structure and wrapper will become the expected standard for file-based delivery as it is phased in.

In 2012 BBC, ITV and Channel 4 began to take delivery of programmes on file on a selective basis. The aim is for file based delivery to be the preferred delivery format for these broadcasters from 1st Oct 2014.