The Digital Production Partnership Ltd (DPP) is a not for profit company founded by ITV, BBC and Channel 4 to enable the media industry to maximise the potential of digital in the creation and exploitation of content.

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The Creative Revolution

Released in May 2013, The Creative Revolution was the third report to be published by the DPP, and sees the completion of the Revolution Trilogy on the transformative impact of digital production on broadcasting.

The report addresses the key question about the digital revolution in broadcasting: is it changing creativity – and if so how?

Is the move to end to end digital just a necessary response to the death of videotape, or is something more profound taking place?

Is the long standing partnership between creativity and technology being strained by change – or being invigorated?

The report is the result of extensive interviews with industry figureheads, workshops with subject matter experts, and a special DPP forum. It is authored by DPP Production Futures lead Mark Harrison, with the assistance of Mediasmiths International.


The Creative Revolution: a DPP film

How are digital tools used by producers, and digital devices used by consumers, changing broadcasting? Are we living through a creative revolution – and, if so, who and what is driving it?

In this specially made film for the DPP, Mark Harrison speaks to major figures from across the media industry: David Abraham, Danny Cohen, Darren Long, Kevin Macdonald, Stuart Murphy, Anthony Rose, Andy Sandoz, Kim Shillinglaw, Magnus Temple and Sally Woodward Gentle.

The Creative Revolution was produced for the DPP by Boundless Productions.

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