The Digital Production Partnership Ltd (DPP) is a not for profit company founded by ITV, BBC and Channel 4 to enable the media industry to maximise the potential of digital in the creation and exploitation of content.

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The Bloodless Revolution

In May 2012, The Bloodless Revolution: A Guide to Smoother Digital Workflows in Television was published by the DPP. The report is the first published guidance on digital workflows to be issued on behalf of ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC.

The report acknowledges that there is too much diversity of product within our industry to prescribe a single, ideal workflow. However, through the report the DPP has attempted to provide a mechanism to get the industry to focus its efforts around the same goal: more streamlined, efficient and effective workflows.

Anyone setting out to plan and deliver an end-to-end digital production will find lots of useful, practical tips in this document. And even those who are experienced in working with digital technologies may find the report offers a valuable checklist to ensure they are always looking for the smoothest, most effective route through the production jungle.

The report was prepared with Mediasmiths International, who worked closely with the DPP’s panel of experts, conducted extensive pan-industry consultation, and (in collaboration with the DPP Forum group) ran workshops to capture current industry best practice.

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