The Digital Production Partnership Ltd (DPP) is a not for profit company founded by ITV, BBC and Channel 4 to enable the media industry to maximise the potential of digital in the creation and exploitation of content.

Metadata Application Download

Metadata Application Download

Version 1.2 of the DPP’s metadata application is available here. Please enter your email address below to download the application for Mac OSX and Windows. This version contains minor bug fixes and enhancements including:

  • Version tracking of the AS-11 shim within the Metadata.
  • Display the identification of company who created (wrapped) the MXF file.
  • Allow the ability for the user to choose whether to pass-through SMPTE ST436-1 wrapped VANC data (RDD6 metadata) from the source file to the wrapped DPP file.
  • Add support for both 09:58:00:00 – 09:59:30:00 (legacy) or 09:59:30:00 – 09:59:50:00 (new).
  • Ident clock must be either 09:59:30:00 (legacy) or 09:59:50:00 (new).
  • Remove automatic XML side car creation.
  • Make the picture ratio property non-mandatory and default to null on the UI.
  • Change name for FPA properties to PSE. So ‘FPA Pass’ becomes ‘PSE Pass’, FPA Manufacturer becomes PSE Manufacturer, and FPA version becomes PSE version.
  • Fix metadata element <TextlessElementExists> to <TextlessElementsExist>.

Minimum Requirements:


  • A 32 or 64 bit PC with a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor.
  • At least 512MB of RAM.


  • Mac OS X 10.6.3 or later

Please follow the links below to download the metadata application:

For Windows click here

For Mac click here

You can download a User Guide and Information Definitions to help you use the DPP Metadata Application.

If you have any feedback or queries about the Metadata Application please contact:

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